Weight Management for Smarties

Of all the incentive use disorders, a pathogenic relationship with food is the most challenging. There are many causes of excessive appetite; each individual has a unique biology, history, and current social circumstance. The path to good outcome is different for everyone. Our sister web site, contains Cognitive-Behavioral and Hypnotic tools that can help individuals with good cognitive skills extricate themselves from this perverse trap that diminishes the quality of life.

By now everyone knows that pills, diets, programs, and other external solutions to this problem simply do not work. The only approach that can claim good outcome is bariatric surgery, though a large proportion of individuals who go through this expensive, painful, and dangerous procedure regain much of the lost weight.

Achieving good long-term outcome without surgery is difficult to be sure, but you can do it. The passage from dependence to self-determination is a great adventure and likely to be among the most rewarding times of your life.