Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off now.

- Steve Wright

Marijuana and Volition

The weight of evidence suggests that the long-term use of cannabis does not result in any severe or grossly debilitating impairment of cognitive function. However, there is clinical and experimental evidence which suggests that long-term use of cannabis produces more subtle cognitive impairments in specific aspects of memory, attention and the organization and integration of complex information. While these impairments may be subtle, they could potentially affect functioning in daily life.   The evidence suggests that increasing duration of use leads to progressively greater impairment. It is not known to what extent such impairment may recover with prolonged abstinence.

A subtle but profound consequence of chronic marijuana use is loss of focus. The pothead's intoxicated epiphanies are an acceptable alternative to effective action.  The euphoric fantasies about how great things will be in the future keeps the user content enough, but the consequence of this lifestyle is regret.  

You might consider accessing your innate cognitive gifts - not biased by psychoactive chemicals. But many people who attempt to sample sobriety relapse - a demoralizing experience. Returning from a drug using lifestyle is a nontrivial task. If you have tried and failed to control your marijuana use, you must admit that this challenge deserves your respect.   Some of the tools and experiential invitations available on this site will help you exert a willful influence over your unfolding biography.